Small Business Accounting

Most small business owners try to do more things than they have time for.  We offer small business accounting & tax services so owners can focus on doing what they do best – growing the business & providing the highest customer service possible. 

Our small business accounting services include the following:

  • Inputting transactions
  • Reconciling bank and loan accounts
  • Cleaning up your General Ledger for inaccuracies & mispostings
  • Correcting loan principal & interest payment breakdowns
  • Adjusting & correcting Shareholder Loans and Payments
  • Generating Financial Statements: Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Cash Flows



Let us handle your day-to-day accounting duties.  We become your in-house accounting department, paying all bills, balancing your checking and other accounts, preparing your payroll and handling all payroll tax filings, while providing you with valuable financial reports to better manage business operations, costs & profitability.

Using today’s technology we create the most efficient work-flow possible, and deliver to you a complete accounting back office solution, lower costs for your accounting & finance needs, and better reporting and management tools.  And all this at a cost which is usually significantly less than what it costs you for employees to do this.  Plus you have no training, supervision, hiring & firing, and employee benefits issues to deal with.  We provide everything you need along with the confidence that your accounting and finances is being handled by professionals.