For Professional Athletes

For over 20 years, our senior CPA Henry Obadiah, has been helping professional athletes from rookies to hall of famers to maximize their wealth and reduce taxes.  Using our expertise in tax planning and preparation, budgeting & financial forecasting, risk management and investments, we sit down with you and help you develop a successful game plan for your financial goals, needs, plans & eventual retirement from the game.

We will also handle paying all your bills, review your bank accounts for identity theft or fraudulent charges, and provide you with monthly financial statements so you know exactly what you have, your income, expenses and net worth. 

And we can act as liaisons between your trusted advisors, including players agents, bankers, attorneys, investment advisors, insurance agents, and others. We do this to help you maximize your wealth, save taxes, and have peace of mind about your future.

We are available to meet with pro athletes in any city and will schedule an initial phone consultation and then followup up with an on-site meeting with you.

Our professional athletes accountant and tax services include:

  • Analyzing contracts (financial & tax implications)
  • Auditing royalty, endorsement, and merchandising agreements
  • Cash management and bill paying
  • Preparation of all federal, state and local income tax returns
  • Financial planning and tax minimization strategies
  • Real estate purchase, financing and management
  • Aircraft and yacht advisory services
  • Retirement planning & wealth building strategies
  • Handling IRS audits, inquiries or issues regarding past years taxes
  • Consulting regarding business opportunities profitability, cash flow & tax issues