Wage Garnishment Release – Same Day


Rock & Hammer gets most Wage Garnishments and Wage Levies released the same day we’re hired!  Call now to determine how quickly we can release your Wage Garnishment or Wage Levy.

Do You Know Your Rights?

The IRS is experienced at using intimidation to force taxpayers needing help into adverse collection action. It is imperative that you hire a Tax Attorney who is aggressive, knowledgable and ethical to prevent the IRS from seizing your income and assets.

Unfortunately, once your employer receives the Notice of Wage Garnishment or Notice of Wage Levy, things go from bad to worse. Your income is going to be substantially reduced and you won’t be able to pay your bills.  Know that it’s illegal for your employer to terminate your employment due to the Wage Garnishment or Wage Levy.

Rock & Hammer will represent you through every step of the process, acting as a shield between you and the IRS while we work to achieve the best possible settlement.

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