Tax Payment Plans (Federal & State)


Have you filed your income tax returns and were unable to pay the taxes due, or have you just completed your return and owe more than you can pay?  Fortunately, the IRS is willing to negotiate repayment terms on what you owe them, however, you must know what they will allow or disallow as necessary expenses.  The IRS will be very adamant about repaying the debt as quickly as possible, but you may have options outside of their suggested repayment amount and term.  We will review your monthly income and living expenses, and let you know what the IRS position is on “Allowable Expenses”. As you can expect, the IRS definition of living expenses and ours will be very different.

A negotiated payment plan is much more favorable than a Wage GarnishmentBank Levy, or Asset Seizure. This agreement, after approval by the IRS, will allow you to pay your tax liability over a period of time rather than in a lump sum, and there is no collection activity by the IRS during the Installment Agreement process. However, should you ever default on your agreement by missing one payment, or failing to pay the liability from a future tax return, your agreement will go into default and collection action by the IRS will begin.

If you would like for us to negotiate a repayment term with the IRS and put a stop to collections, feel free to contact us at any time for a FREE confidential consultation.